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Alors j'ai suivi votre vote, j'ai pris le dessin numéro3 donc voilà la base du fanart pour le concours Sweet Sorcelery d'Ood Serriere

Sur ce dessin, Aï-Lynn ressemble beaucoup à ma Elizabeth, c'est peut être à cause du choix vestimentaire pour ce fanart. J'ai voulu donné à Aï-Lynn des vêtement qu'elle n'a pas encore porté déjà j'ai remplacé son chapeau de sorcière par un chapeau très élégante des année XIXème siècle. J'ai voulu ajouter à ce fan art quelque chose que j'aime et le mélanger avec l'univers d'Ood et de sa petite sorcière.

Voici la base pour faire la colorisation

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Yanling a dit…

Your Art is really amazing, I love it really, thanks for adding me, otherwise I wouldnt have found you so easily!! XD I wish I had had more French at school, there are so many great french artists obviously, Germany cannot compete with that!! XD
I´ll be watching you! :)

Yanling a dit…

Oh, I thought it went wrong, after I klicked the button and then my comment was all gone and i was quite sad and angry and now I see it worked after all!!! XD
Im amazed, your German is so good, I would have have thought your German!! XD Actually I began to wonder if I mistook you for being french!! XD
Thanks for your comment, you are the first Im communicating with in this blogger thing!!
I have heard the title of the manga you mean, but I dont really know how it looks like, I will google it immediately after finishing this comment, but thanks, its always fun to hear which artist's style my style is similar to (what a strange sentence, I bet its totally wrong!! XD), because I can hardly find a category for my own pic, its hard to explain, but perhaps you already know what I mean!! XD

Sorry for writing so much, I was just happy, that my comment was not deleted!! XD
Thank you for your comment, Im so happy right now, blogging is fun!! XD


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